In Metal the Psychoceramatist celebrates the many forked notes of beat-poetry in hammers strike and anvils ring.    Mystic forms, symbols, ancient traditions and lifelong passions are directed into making rings sing. Simply twisting the pattern welded steel billet can produce: Damascus steel (layered patterns of folded and hot precision forged, banded, twisted and mottled metal reminiscent of flowing water, random patterns of nature, geologic stratigraphy and even stars of the night sky). Tool steels with high carbon in its alloyed perfection are well-suited for today’s knives and jewelry alike.

Working with Mokume Gane in silver, bronze and copper is very similar to working Steel.     Yet Mokume has a difference which makes it much harder to work with than steel. Here with either precious or semi-precious non-ferrous metals containing no flux between the layers and no solder: Mokume Gane (Japanese, meaning wood grain/burl metal using a diffusion bonding technique of alternating metal layers. One can create even more diverse patterns in Mokume.

Also casting in precious metals such as this Silver Bolo tie Trilobite shown below with buffalo horn and black leather.

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